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5 Kitchen Staging Tips

5 Kitchen Staging Tips

Amy Corey | Home Staging Tips |

Here are five quick tips to help spruce up your kitchen before showing your house:


Clean the cabinets under your kitchen sink. This is one place buyers will look to see how tidy and organized you keep your home. If that area is organized it will appear the rest of your home should be well kept.


Clear off the refrigerator. Little Johnny’s art project is wonderful for you, but buyers will really be impressed with a clean and decluttered space.


Keep the counter tops tidy. YES, keep the coffee maker out and maybe that utensil holder, but anything excess should be neatly tucked in a cabinet.


Put a mat at the sink. If you don’t have a mat you stand on at the sink add one that compliments the color scheme. When standing at the sink you want it to “feel” inviting.


Add fresh flowers or a bowl of fruit before showings. This just adds that extra touch. Do not leave candles burning. One, it can be a danger if it would be accidentally knocked over and two, you don’t want to appear as if you are trying to cover up odors from pets, etc.

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