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ADD/ADHD Treated Naturally

ADD/ADHD Treated Naturally

School’s started, and Johnny has brought you a gift. A note from the teacher. You open it. Read it. And wince.

But, being the caring, loving mom that you are, you want to do what’s right. You don’t want Johnny to struggle. Or not fit in. Or cause any problems. Or have any problems. So you grit your teeth, pick up the phone, and call the doctor.

Leaving the office, it’s now official. Johnny, your playful little boy, still the cuddler, has just been diagnosed with ADHD. You’ve had your suspicions, but things weren’t that bad. There were glimpses of hope. But now you know. Your fears are confirmed.

The solution? A prescription, of course. You’d hoped this day would never come, but here it is.

It’s a law of nature: ADHD must be treated, can only be treated, with medication. Period. End of discussion.

Or is it? Might there be another way? A better way?

The answer is, “Yes.” There is definitely a better way. Johnny doesn’t have to be sentenced to years of medications and side effects.

Here’s the deal. ADHD is simply a diagnosis. It’s the “what” that explains Johnny’s impulsivity, hyperactivity, inattention, and inability to focus. (Except for video games. He’s GREAT at that!. There he can focus for hours! Right?)

You’ve gone to the expert and have your answer. This constellation of behaviors fit the “diagnostic criteria”

defining ADHD. That’s the, ”What.” We have a name.

The problem is, that’s not the right question. The real question is not, “What does Johnny have?” The real question is, “Why?” “Why is Johnny behaving this way? Having trouble concentrating? Sitting still? Paying attention? Acting out?” The question that really matters isn’t, “What?” but, “Why?”

That’s where Functional Medicine comes in.

Because that’s a Functional Medicine question. Functional Medicine asks, “Why?”

To answer that question, the trained Functional Medicine physician takes the time to learn about Johnny. To hear his story. His whole story.

While there’s no definitive test for ADHD, we now know that many things can cause problems with focus, concentration, impulsivity, and the like. Things like neurotransmitter imbalances, nutrient deficiencies, metabolic abnormalities, hormone dysregulation, and food hypersensitivities.

And we can now test for these. We don’t have to guess.

We can measure neurotransmitters,

nutrients, food reactions, hormones, and metabolic abnormalities.

We can answer the, “Why?”

And once we know the “Why,” then we can fix the “Why?” And our goal is to do that as naturally as possible. The prescription pad? Only as a last resort. There is, oh most definitely, a better way.

An epidemic!

6.4 MILLION school-age children in the US have been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, including

  • 1 in 5 high school boys, and
  • 1 in 11 high school girls

Between 1993 an 2007, the use of prescription stimulant medication rose by 400%!

ADHD is diagnosed 5-10 times more frequently in the US than in any other country. Why is that?

The question is, “Why?”

Traditionally trained in Family Practice, Stephen P. Elliott, MD is a Board Certified Fellow of Functional Medicine. He practices at Living with Intention, in Fishers. 
11979 Fishers Crossing Dr.
Fishers, IN 46038

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