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Clean Slate

Clean Slate

Story by Lindahl Chase | Interior home design by Rachel Rae Hadley
Kit Magazine | Spring Clean Challenge |

Kit contributor Rachel Rae Hadley opened up her Noblesville home to inspire our readers. We love her comfortable, uncluttered style — and she swears it doesn’t take an expert.

 Nothing beats the first hints of spring in Indiana. Birds singing, trees starting to bloom, going outside without wearing anything made of down. It’s enough to motivate anyone to … clean? That’s right. Spring cleaning is here, and whether that fills you with excitement or dread, you won’t regret having a spotless, clutter-free home.

Consider this. Psychologists say that people who take charge of cleaning and organizing often take charge of their general health, too — especially their weight and exercise.

So roll up your sleeves, open the windows and doors to let in fresh air, and turn up the tunes (oldies are always a great choice). Our tips and 30-day challenge will recharge you and your space.


Don’t become overwhelmed with where to start before you even lift a finger. First, clear items from the floor and countertops. Get out all of your cleaning supplies and put them in one location. Make this a family affair! It’s important to teach kids — and other adults in your home — how to clean. (Keep in mind, some products may not be suitable for young children.) Here are some supplies you can have ready for them:

  • Rubber gloves
  • Soft towels, paper towels or
  • dust cloths
  • Gentle cleaners (Tip: Put kid-friendly solutions in a specific color bottle)
  • Scrub brushes
  • A caddy for each person to carry around the house


Don’t waste time cleaning items you really should just toss. Declutter your house before you get into the hard-core scrubbing.

Be Prepared to Pitch

As you go to reorganize dresser drawers or closets, set up four boxes or bags and label them accordingly:

  • Keep
  • Sell
  • Donate
  • Toss
Ask Yourself These Questions
  • Have I used this in the last year?
  • Am I keeping this out of obligation?
  • Do I have multiples of the same things?
  • Is it worth fixing/cleaning/storing?
8 Items to Throw Away
  • Old makeup
  • Clothing you haven’t worn in the past year
  • Expired spices and condiments
  • Old pet toys
  • Old children’s toys
  • Holiday decorations you no longer use
  • Expired medicine
  • Freezer-burned food


If you can’t find one weekend to tackle all of your spring cleaning, try a 30-day cleaning challenge to spread the tasks out over the course of a month — try one room per weekend. Click below to download a room-by-room breakdown as a guide.

30-Day Cleaning Challenge



The professionals at Classic Cleaners share their secrets for maintaining six common household items.

1 | Curtains & Drapes

Clean heavy drapes each week with the upholstery brush on your vacuum. Shake out your delicate window treatments before you vacuum floors. Always check the care label before laundering at home and if in doubt on how to wash, Classic Cleaners will safely clean them to keep them in like new condition.

2 | Sheets

Sheets should be laundered once a week and every two weeks at a minimum. You shed skin, oil and sweat when you sleep and dust mites have a field day feeding on your sheets. Regularly laundering your sheets will prevent or lower allergy symptoms. For a clean, crisp wash and press like what you experience in a luxury hotel, bring them to Classic Cleaners.

3 | Bedding

Wash the duvet cover every week if you have pets that lounge on your bed, or if you sleep with just the comforter and no flat sheet. Wash monthly if you sleep with a sheet between you and the duvet cover, and once a season if you use a flat sheet, a blanket and then the duvet cover.  If you’re concerned about your washer’s capacity for large bedding, a professional, like Classic Cleaners, can effectively wash your bedding in large washers designed specifically for large bedding.

4 | Pillows

Washing down or polyester pillows at home monthly could substantially cut down the dust mites and allergens. At a minimum, launder every six months on the gentle cycle then select the extra spin cycle to remove excess water. Tumble dry low, fluffing the pillows every so often. To revive your down pillows, Classic Cleaners’ down pillow rejuvenation service will bring them back to life and substantially cut down on allergens.

5 | Towels

Launder bath towels every 3-5 uses. Each time you dry off you scrape off dead skin cells that collect in the fibers of your towel. Be sure the towel dries completely after use to ward off mold and mildew. If time is valuable to you, Classic Cleaner’s “wash, dry, fold service” includes household items such as towels and we’re in your neighborhood twice a week with free pick up and delivery.

6 | Area Rugs

Vacuum area rugs every week and rotate them every 6 months. Entrust a professional, like Classic Cleaners, to clean your large area rugs. Do NOT wet clean them yourself with the harsh chemicals that are sold for wall-to-wall carpeted rooms. Area rug fibers are more delicate, colors can bleed and the excess moisture can ruin the floors underneath the rug. If the area rug is in the bathroom and has a non-rubber backing, launder it weekly in warm or hot water and hang dry over the shower or outside on a line. Only dry the rug in the dryer if it has a non-rubber backing.

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