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DIY Tassel Lamp

DIY Tassel Lamp

Every once in a while summer likes to give us those rainy, gloomy days that tend to last for days at a time. Thankfully we’ve found a great project to brighten those melancholy days. We created a DIY tassel tutorial, which fair warning: will make you want to tassel everything! Today, we’ve refurbished a spare lampshade with some old embroidery thread. This bohemian style lamp is sure to improve any room setting.

This project is easy, fun, and takes about an hour tops. We took an old lamp stand; spray painted it a vibrant orange and found a complementary lampshade to use.

Materials needed:

  • Embroidery Thread
  • Spare lampshade
  • Lamp stand
  • Spray paint (optional)
  • Tape or hot glue gun


1. Determine how many tassels you want lining your lampshade. We did about 15-20.
2. To make the tassels, you will cut an 8 inch long piece of thread from the embroidery bundle and cut this piece into two. So you should have two 4-inch pieces of thread.
3. Next, take one of your single threads and place it under your embroidery bundle/loop. Tie a double knot around the bundle. Trim the left over threads so there is about a half an inch or so left.

4. Fold the bundle in half, so the knot sits at the top of the tassel. Tie the second single thread around the folded bundle. This should bring together the left and right side of the initial bundle. Tie a double knot and fold the excess part into the fringe of the tassel.


5. Now cut the ends to create fringe at any length you like.

6. Once you have all your colorful tassels made, hot glue gun or tape the tassels along the inside of your shade. We spaced ours about 2 inches apart from each other.

Piece together your new and improved shade with your lamp stand, and you have a new and fresh source of light for your bedroom, living room, or nook area.

DIY Tassle Lamp

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