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Gift Guide

Each year when the holidays roll around, we’re always caught off guard by those few hard-to-buy-for girlfriends. Everyone’s got at least one, right? Not this holiday season. Try these ideas and maximize your gift-giving ability in no time at all. Say goodbye to schlepping around the mall for hours on end. Instead, spend that time enjoying a cocktail with a friend this month. How’s that for a time-saver during the busiest season of the year?

Gifts to Inspire

Do you know a woman who doesn’t need a little bit of added inspiration in their life? We didn’t think so. Provide her with a book (or two!) to help guide her days to happier, more inspired places.

Kit Gift Guide | | Gifts to Inspire

Kit Gift Guide | | Gifts to Inspire

‘She’, $13 | ‘Let Your Spirit Soar’, $15

‘May You Live a Life you Love’, $15

‘Starting Today: A Journal of Intention and Change’, $15

All available from Silver in The City at Mass on Main


Hostess with the Mostess

Make cleaning up as much fun as the party itself. This holiday scent, redolent of cinnamon and clove, is certain to add some pep to her step after a long evening of entertaining. The dishtowels offer a practical, but pretty, helping hand.

Kit Gift Guide | | Hostess with the Mostess

Kit Gift Guide | | Hostess with the Mostess

Spiced Chestnut Hand Soap & Lotion, Williams-Sonoma, $13 each

Dishtowel Set, Williams-Sonoma, $20


Fan in the Making

Start them off in style with a sweet little beanie to keep those heads warm during football season.

Kit Gift Guide | | Fan in the Making

Kit Gift Guide | | Fan in the Making

Children’s Beanie, Snugglebug Boutique, Nurture at Mass on Main, $27 each.


Foodie Friend

A true foodie can never have enough cookbooks. Gift her one that helps turn the basics into something extraordinary. Then, provide her with a place to keep her latest oil and vinegar selections. Pretty enough to leave out on the counter.

Kit Gift Guide | | Foodie Friend

Kit Gift Guide | | Foodie Friend

Cookbook, Williams-Sonoma, $25

Oil & Vinegar Ceramic Cruets,Williams-Sonoma, $15 each


Lover of Local

Know someone who treasures her Hoosier roots? Allow her to show her pride with these home accents with a hometown feel. Or, have a friend who’s moved away? Perfect way to send a little bit of ‘home’ to her ‘new home’.

Kit Gift Guide | | Lover of Local

Kit Gift Guide | | Lover of Local

Becca’s Bits & Pieces burlap art, Handmade Promenade at Mass on Main, $40


What feels better then gifting something with a purpose? One-of-a-kind, fair-trade crafted bracelets from Kenya provides not only a unique, beautiful accessory, but one you can feel good about wearing. A gift that truly makes a difference.

Kit Gift Guide | | Humanitarian

Kit Gift Guide | | Humanitarian

Single Bracelets, from $3, Large Bracelets, from $15, Global Gifts at Mass on Main


Girlfriend’s Gift Swap

We’re all invited to one each year, but never have a clue as to what to bring. Problem solved. Fully customizable bath products are great for creating a unique, personalized gift on a budget. Pick a product, select your scent and color, and you’ll be thanked for your one-of-a-kind gift.

Kit Gift Guide | | Girlfriend Gift Swap

Kit Gift Guide | | Girlfriend Gift Swap

Salt scrubs, lotions and other bath, body (and even pet) products, Bath Junkie, $5 and up 

‘That’ Crafty Friend

What creative gal doesn’t covet unique fabrics for their never-ending list of items to make? These fun prints will inspire her to create and brighten her work.

Kit Gift Guide | |  The Crafty Friend

Kit Gift Guide | | The Crafty Friend

April Rhodes Arizona 8 piece quarter bundle, Crimson Tate at Mass on Main, $24


Fitness Fanatic

No health nut is ever far away from a water bottle. Carry H2O in style with this rubber-encased glass variety. The punchy color is certain to brighten the dreariest of winter days; add some additional warmth to your workout wear with a lightweight scarf draped around your neck.

Kit Gift Guide | |  Fitness Fanatic

Kit Gift Guide | | Fitness Fanatic

Eddy Glass Bottle by Camelback, Athleta, $25

Striped Scarf, Athleta, $32 

Friendly Neighbor

Start her day with these cheerful, whimsical oversized coffee mugs, and add in some gourmet cocoa-on-a-stick to end her day on a sweet note.

Kit Gift Guide | |  Friendly Neighbor

Kit Gift Guide | | Friendly Neighbor

Early Bird Mug, Crate & Barrel, $6 each

Hot Chocolate on a Stick, Crate & Barrel, $4 each







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