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Kit Picks – Week 1

Kit Picks – Week 1

Kit + Silver in the City have teamed up this season to bring you 30 days of jolly gift-giving swag! You can purchase these items at Silver in the City, but be sure to use coupon code: KITPICKS to receive 5% off your order!

Kit picks - Tiny Indiana State Charm Necklace, Gold-Dipped

1. Tiny Indiana State Charm Necklace, Gold-Dipped

Why all the Indiana Love? Well, we’re Hoosiers. And these days, we’re darn proud of it. Hoosier hospitality – yep, we’ve got that! Heartland? You betcha! A cabinet named after us, yessiree! So here we are with our very own state necklace. It’s tiny, it’s handmade in the USA, the .3 x .4″ charm is made of recycled sterling silver then gold dipped, it hangs on an 18″ gold filled fine chain and it comes on an attractive gift card, inside a box, with a ribbon. What’s not to love? $60 at Silver in the City


Kit Picks - Creative Kid Kits

2. Creative Kits for Kids

Of course we can’t forget the kiddos! Let young imaginations run wild with these creative kits.  Design Your Own Superhero Mask kit includes: Felt Mask, Felt Shapes, Felt Sheets, Glitter Glue, Craft Glue, and Instructions. Also featured is the DIY Friendship Bracelet kit, $8.


Kit Picks - Work Search Mug

3. Work Search Mug

The ultimate office exchange gift: It’s more important to LOOK busy at work than to really accomplish anything. To assist you in that quest, we present Work Search, the coffee mug that will make you appear engaged and productive in your cubicle. Just use the supplied washable red marker to highlight all twenty-three encoded words, then sit back, sip some coffee and be proud of a job well done. Food-safe ceramic mug. $17.50, Silver in the City


Kit Picks - Thanks Box Cards


4. Thank You Pop-Open Cards

A little gratitude goes a long way! These Thank You Pop-Open Cards are a perfect way to say ‘thanks’ for even the small things. They’re small enough to keep in your desk or purse so you’re always prepared when you’re the victim of an unexpected act of kindness. $7.50, at Silver in the City.


Kit Picks - Yoga Cookie Cutters

5. Yoga Cookie Cutters

It’s like your cookies are doing the exercise for you! These cookie cutters are perfect for that fitness-fanatic friend of yours. Remember to keep it clean, folks! $8.50, at Silver in the City.


Kit Picks - Holiday Cards

6. Wintergreen Christmas Cards

Set of 8 “Merry Christmas” Cards from Rifle Paper. 4.25″x5.5″ each. Natural white cover paper with full color and foil stamp. Blank interior. Soft white envelope. $17.50 at Silver in the City


Kit Picks - Bacon Marmalade

7. Bacon Marmalade

It seriously doesn’t get much better than this. Your foodie friends will love these delicious gift. It goes well on Burgers, Grill Cheese, BLT’s, mix it into your meatloaf or get extra creative! $13 at Silver in the City.


Kit Picks - Indianapolis Sweatshirt

8. Women’s INDPLS Sweatshirt

This sweatshirt is incredibly soft and comfortable. Boat/scoop neck makes this sweatshirt perfectly feminine without being overly “flashdancey.” It may be light weight but it sure keeps you warm! sizes s-xl. Light heather grey sweatshirt with dark purple screen print. Made by People for Urban Progress. $55 at Silver in the City


Kit Picks - Oliver Owl Mug

9. Oliver Owl Mug

This wise owl will keep your favorite beverage warm on those brisk winter mornings. Comes in blue or green. Leave your preference in the comment section of your order. Made of handpainted earthenware. 16oz. 4.25″ x 3″, Dishwasher-safe, but will get very hot in the microwave. $12 at Silver in the City






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