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Loafer Love

Loafer Love

When it comes to comfy flats, we’ve got a new crush this season — loafers. Designers have taken something perfectly practical and re-imagined them as fantastically chic in bright colors and updated shapes. Best of all, you can wear them to the office with a blouse and blazer, and on the weekends with a striped T or button-down.


1. The driving loafer is an icon, for sure, but the trend shouldn’t be taken too literally. Look for a pair with polished, modern flair, like these, with a glam
gold finish and a preppy bow. Clarks “Dunbar Racer” loafers, $80 at

2. Every gal needs a pair of fun shoes that go with nothing and everything at the same time — and these are it. The reliable penny loafer gets a weekend-worthy makeover in bright colors. “Marlin” patent loafers, $59.99 at Nine West Outlet Store

3. Get ready for the compliments to pour in — with an elegant pointy toe and sporty perforated leather, these cobalt beauties are all about eye-catching contrast. Matt Bernson “Gauloise Perf” loafers, $189 at


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