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Office Nook With a Look

Office Nook With a Look

Before & After

Kit’s managing editor needed some editing … in her home office.

Before & After Office Nook | Hoosier Closets |

Before & After Office Nook | Hoosier Closets |

When Kit Managing Editor Ashlie Hartgraves saw Cassie Perry’s office for the first time, she swooned and then jumped at the chance to pull inspiration from Cassie’s space into her own home. Here, Ashlie recounts the transformation, showing how an unassuming nook can command attention.

Before “Office”

Before & After Office Nook | Hoosier Closets |

Before & After Office Nook | Hoosier Closets |

In the dining room

This space was supposed to be temporary. In our old house, I had a built-in office space that was lovely, but we of course couldn’t pack it up and bring it with us. When we moved into our new home, we got a quick $30 folding table from Lowe’s until we could figure out a more permanent location.

Over two years later, I was still sitting at the folding table. It definitely didn’t foster creativity. The space lacked designated places for storage and organization, with no drawers or cabinets to hide things. Let’s be honest, it was hideous. It became a catch-all room, as you can see in these untouched, untidied photos.

Switching Rooms

Finding the right space for my “new” office took some strategizing. My husband and I are in the middle of an international adoption and wanted to reserve the dining room, where my office had been, to use as a dining room or a playroom once we know who will be joining the family. This meant we needed to move my office area to the front room. To make it work, we arranged our loveseat and side table by a bay window and designated the nook by the stairs as my official home work space.

Planning & Installation

Before & After Office Nook | Hoosier Closets |

Before & After Office Nook | Hoosier Closets |

You know how you felt on Christmas morning as a child? I was just as giddy when Hoosier Closets pulled up. Jonie Spetter quickly measured the space, and we picked out colors from her samples. She then planned out the design using a 3-D model that I could visualize. Nothing was missed. Hoosier Closets planned around electrical outlets, helped me determine what I needed from the space and ordered a custom cabinet with a slide-out drawer to hide my printer when not in use. Planning out the space with Hoosier Closets was so easy, and installation was even easier. They arrived promptly in the morning and even took time out from working to play with my dog, Ruby—such nice people. They helped reinforce the value of working with professionals on home design projects such as this one.

Finding my office style

Being a bit of a country girl myself, sprinkling in some rustic swag is super fun and makes my work space feel cozy. I loved collaborating with Cassie. For a good portion of the day, I just sat on the couch and watched her creative mind go at it. Due to our adoption, we’re on a bit of a tight budget, so repurposing items or buying things on the cheap was our goal.

My favorite part of the day was when Cassie and I were about to go to a craft store to get some items when I told her to come look in our basement at our garage sale pile. I didn’t think anything was of use but Cassie thought otherwise. She grabbed a bin and just started loading up. I was excited because we were able to repurpose things I was about to give away.

Before & After Office Nook | Hoosier Closets |

Before & After Office Nook | Hoosier Closets |

Creating & working happier

The new office nook is my creative sanctuary. I love working from home now and am so particular about being tidy and organized. I love that it moved from the dining room, which was in the back of the house, to the front room. Now I can look out the bay window while I work, and if we turn the dining room into a playroom, I can work from home more easily and still interact with our children when they’re playing.

The quality of the office installation is top-notch, and I know this space will last for a really long time. What I love most is that all of the décor items were under $100 total. DIY sure is good for the budget.


  • Draw the eye to accent colors. The “Happily Ever After” pillow adds a touch of texture and brings out the other red elements in the space. Bought for $10 on clearance at Home Goods.
  • Ballin’ on a budget. Ashlie has a ton of Ball jars on hand and uses them for everything. In this case, to hold office supplies. Cost $0.
  • Make the space work around you. Hoosier Closets custom ordered the desk drawer to fit Ashlie’s printer. The slide-out shelf makes it accessible and functional. Hoosier Closets designs and installs closets, laundry rooms, garages and more.
  • Repurpose design elements you love. The herringbone artwork was a Pinterest project of Ashlie’s she did a year ago. We layered some of Cassie’s antlers (for sale in her Etsy shop) and garnished them with part of a centerpiece from Ashlie’s wedding.
  • Decorate unlikely tools. Before buying a new tape dispenser, we decided to spray paint the old one. Like new, and for $0.
  • Shiny tin details. The above-cabinet treatment looks completely real, rustic and metal. In reality it’s $20 per sheet at Lowe’s. sheets are Super easy to cut with scissors or a utility knife and can hang by command strips or small nails.




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